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FAQ for New Starters

* How do I join Pure Heart?
* How do I become a kinswoman/kinsman?
* How does this chat thingy work?
* How do I hear voice in audio?

How do I join Pure Heart?
If you play LoTRO on the Eldar server, and would like to join Pure Heart, please get in touch with our leader (Elithwen) or an officer online, or send one of us an in-game mail!

The officers are:
Elithwen, Ebron, Stevienicks, Hellsreamm and Samgar

How do I become a kinswoman/kinsman?

When you first join Pure Heart you are a recruit, but the steps to become a full member of the kin are simple – we just want to know a little more about you! :)
Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the kinship list.
Social Panel (press O)->Kin
2. Take a look at other kinnies’ details
Press the arrow to the left of Locations, this will change the information in that column, and when it shows Notes, you can see the notes of other kin members.
3. Update your note in the same style as the other kinnies.
Press the Note button and enter your details, in the form:
Real life country / In-game profession(s)
e.g. UK / Weaponsmith or Croatia / Scholar
If you have alts, please put the name of your main character in your alt’s note
e.g. Germany / Woodworker (Main char name)
4. Please make sure you have registered on this kinsite
5. Please let an officer know when you have done this, and they will promote you – simple! :D

How does this chat thingy work?

LoTRO has a chat system to help you talk with other players. There are several different chat channels, and to be able to view them you need to make sure that they are turned on using the chat filter (right click on the tab header).

In order to write to a chat channel you need to set the output to that channel (click on the little speech bubble

bottom left of the chat window), and select the output channel. There are also some text shortcuts, such as /f <msg> for fellowship channel output, or /k <msg> for kinship channel output.

Use the kinship channel to chat with all online kinnies, and when you are in a group (fellowship), use the fellowship channel to only talk with other members (fellows) of your group.

How do I hear voice in audio?
Note: please set up ventrilo for use with Pure Heart fellowships

When you group with other players, especially for instances, it is common for some of them to use voice to talk. In order to hear them (and for you to speak if you have a headset) you need to enable in-game voice. It is a good idea to do this on all your characters.

To enable voice, go to options (ctrl-o), select Audio, and scroll down to check the option Enable Voice. Then accept this change.

When you have done this successfully you should see a green symbol on your characters’ portrait (or tree symbol, if you don’t have the portrait visible). You will see this symbol on other players’ portraits when you are grouped with them, and the symbol changes to red when they talk.
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Great guide :) I would like to add that its very handy to have a seperate tab dedicated to kinchat. That way you will never miss any (import) message!

Rightclick on the 'general' tab and choose 'new tab' This will create a new tab :)
Rightclick this new tab and choose filters -> make sure you check 'kinship'.

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