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#4042520 Mar 07, 2011 at 10:37 PM
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There are only a few but do keep them in mind to keep a nice atmosphere on the site.

No swearing or targeting - self explanatory. Be nice, we are all here in this game to have fun together :)

No spamming! - spam = stupid, pointless, annoying messages.

Keep all topics appropriate - we have players of all ages in our kin, keep that in mind!

...and no begging for money/items - all of us are saving up for one thing or another and earning money in the game is not that hard.

Ignoring any of these rules will result in warnings. On further ignoring - banning from site and kinship.


Rules regarding our image gallery
If you wish to upload an image, check beforehand if a similar photo has already been uploaded.

Also, save your images as .jpg if they are not already jpg, and resize them a little, best to about 800px in width to use less space on the site as it is not unlimited.
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